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Spiritual Gifts Workshop


Have you ever considered that God created each of us for a particular purpose? Or that He knew in advance His plan for your life? Maybe you're just interested in learning more about how He blesses each of us with diverse and unique gifts. If so, we have the perfect opportunity for you.


We have a workshop that helps our parishioners better understand the gifts God has given them. These gifts are called spiritual gifts, and are defined as “a divine, supernatural ability given by God to enable a Christian to serve and to minister".


Our workshops last 3 hours and in that time, you'll learn more about spiritual gifts in general, complete an individual exercise to identify your personal gifts, and explore how they fit with your personality and aspirations to potentially serve. If you aren't sure what gifts you have, or if you think you know but want confirmation, we welcome you to join us in a workshop.


We’ll resume our workshop schedule in September and hope you will prayerfully consider joining us. Please contact Sara Jenkins at or call the church office (843) 757-3351 if you're interested.

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